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Organic Blemish Care Lotion

Moisturizing, repairing skin blemishes, acne marks, light spots, whitening Sensitive and pregnant women can use For mature skin types, the high antioxidant content in rose water will protect skin cells against damage, encouraging healthy skin cell turnover for reduced pigmentation and boosted collagen levels. This means that rose water is super helpful for those combatting UV damage or compromised skin tissue due environmental factors or skin weakening over time. The reduced lipid levels and slower collagen production that occur in our skin as it ages can be effectively treated with the essential fatty acids present in rose water, which strengthen the skin’s lipid layer while plumping and firming for reduced fine lines. Centella Asiatica (also known as gotu kola and Indian pennywort) is a perennial creeping plant which grows around the Indian ocean. Traditionally used in the management of dermatological conditions in its native area, it is used to support faster healing of small wounds, scratches and superficial burns, as well as an anti-inflammatory for eczema, minor itching and insect bites. Its active constituents are pentacyclic triter penoids which have regulating and activating functions, acting on the collagen present in many organs. In skin, the major components are collagens type I and II. Skin aging is related mainly to a decrease in type I collagen levels, which also plays a major role in wound healing. Studies have shown that the main constituents of Centella asiatica (Asiatic acid, madecassic acid, and asiaticoside) increase collagen synthesis. In addition to stimulating the synthesis of collagen, it also improves tensile strength of the skin. Also known as Bearberry Extract, this natural skin lightener works by reducing melanin production. By inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the formation of melanin in the skin, Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi Leaf Extract is effective for lightening age spots and evening skin tone for an uniform, bright complexion. Pro-Vitamin B5, is a stable lit racemic mixture of D-Panthenol and L-Panthenol. The human body readily absorbs DL-Panthenol through the skin and it rapidly converts D-Panthenol to Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), a natural constituent of healthy hair and a substance present in all living cells. Only D-Panthenol is converted to Vitamin B5 and not the L-Panthenol. So the racemic D,L-Panthenol has only half of the physiological activity of D-Panthenol in skin care. Studies have shown D-Panthenol promotes stimulation of epithelization, granulation, mitigation of itching and has an anti-inflammatory effect. When used in formulations over the course of three to four weeks, it has the potential to improve the appearance of the skin, including dryness, roughness, scaling, pruritus and erythema. Further, its moisturizing properties improve hydration, reducing water loss and maintaining skin elasticity and softness.
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