Gromwell Rubbing Balm 25g

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                                                                                GROMWELL RUBBING BALM::

Our Gromwell rubbing cream can be used as a general antiseptic, anti-bacterial antiseptic cream , and helping in cell rejuvenation, as well as a treatment for cuts and lacerations. It's also very effective on dry skin and eczema with its, active ingredients being able to remedy any skin condition too. Traditionally, Gromwell, is used widely in Chinese Medical practices as well. It has demonstrated it's ability in antibacterial, antifungal properties as well. With it's antioxidant properties and anti-inflamantory characteristics, it can help to reduce eczema, prickly heat and itchiness.. Also, it is an effective treatment for cuts, rashes and burns too. Use to protect and recharge the skin's cells and to ensure, that rashes, cuts and burns are healed incidentally, and expeditiously. The best rubbing balm to enhance, and recharge the body's immunity, and antiseptic properties, and keeping the skin cleansed, healthily strong and vibrant.

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