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Almond Sweet Shea Butter Body Cream

Moisturizing, Emolliency, Shinning, Smooth, revitalizing Shea Butter deep moisturizing Long-term use of shea butter or skin care products containing shea butter can not only prevent dryness and cracking, but also further restore and maintain the natural elasticity of the skin. It has a good deep moisturizing effect; it is a product suitable for dry and mixed skin. The magical special effects of shea butter. 2) Effectively isolate ultraviolet rays.There is a natural sunscreen ingredient in shea butter-cinnamic acid, which can absorb UVB ultraviolet rays from the sun and provide protection for the skin from sun damage. The natural latex contained in it can help prevent skin sensitivity problems caused by light. Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic Shea butter is a natural plant essence, which does not cause irritation or sensitivity to the skin. It can gently care for the skin, so it is more suitable for weak and sensitive areas. The phytosterol contained therein has a good anti-inflammatory effect on. Moisturizing and nourishing The various indicators of shea butter are very consistent with the secretions of the human body. Among them, saponifiable substances are rich in fats and fatty acids, which have a relatively good moisturizing and hydrating function. Shea butter contains a large amount of unsaponifiable lipids, which can provide the skin with rich vitamins A, D, E, F, etc., supplement the skin with sufficient nutrients, and can effectively help cell regeneration and promote microvascular circulation; it can effectively prevent skin aging , Dryness, bursting and other problems. At the same time, shea butter has the effect of promoting the healing of even small wounds. The magical special effects of shea butter The beauty effects of shea butter. Dryland sage is a drought-resistant plant. They can survive in extreme water shortages and have a structure that is not easy to lose water. Among them, flavonoids are an important key factor to help moisture retention. Dryland sage plants will have High-concentration flavonoids can instantly moisturize and have a long-lasting 24-hour moisturizing effect. Dryland plants have a water-retaining effect. After testing on the skin surface, it has also been found to help skin moisturize the skin and make the skin softer and more elastic . Glycerin is natural, non-toxic and colorless. It has the properties of absorbing moisture in the air and being miscible with water. Glycerin can penetrate into the small crevices of the skin to help absorb moisture. In addition to reducing fine lines, it also helps prevent the formation of wrinkles.
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